Allan Brown

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I have always wrote, mostly as an intern-all release of expression, the more resonance to self I found along my journey the more these doctrines seem to just leak through my sword “the pen”

Poets bare the gift and curse of stripping away the fallacies that most paint over with the help of a constructed life,  the option is not ours to make, we bleed through a pen, our souls have to converse with mind.

Only when I express does such mind chatter cease to be, to bottle it up seems like I am dying from the inside.

Sometimes I awake just to write something down, something always profound comes out when I least expect, like an external force, to sit and try to write never works for me, all is felt, all is meant with a soul-full purpose.

What follows is an esoteric frame of mind regurgitating an alchemy of expressive doctrines formulating all you see within my book, not the average poetry that pours from a soul, rather the combination of a deep descriptive language manifested from the vision of lifting the veil of illusion within the world we live in.

Urban Truth