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Moon Kissed Musings by Tracy Seiden is a beautiful collection of poetry. Using the ever flexible form of free verse, Seiden conveys feelings of love and loss, leaving readers feeling as though they've been hollowed out and passed through a magnifying lens before being deposited back in their own bodies.

The poems alternate between first person and third person point of view, which is something that I thoroughly enjoyed. While it is nice to get inside a person's head and see their views on love, there is something to be said for being able to sit back and observe moments of love and, consequently, the loss that sometimes occurs. Despite these reflections on loss, the collection takes on a hopeful tone and in doing so emphasizes the importance of cherishing the love you have or fighting for the love you so desire, sometimes with that love being the love of yourself.

One thing that I particularly loved about this collection was that it did not just focus on one type of love, that being love for another person, but also the importance of self-love and the ability to reconstruct oneself after being hurt by another. Seiden's poetry evokes strong images that resonate within you, whether it is the bittersweet memory of a past lover or simply a feeling of completeness. Her words often reflect the connection between people and nature, thus conveying the idea that perhaps all of us are a part of something larger than ourselves. Just what exactly that may be is up for debate, although I have a strong feeling that it might be love.

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5.0 out of 5 stars - HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE ?

Tracy takes romance and the trials, tribulations, and joys of life, and makes you feel them deep down inside. She adds beauty and warmth to her writing that touches a poet lovers soul. If you have ever dreamed late at night, hoped for all your dreams to come true, believed in what may seem out of sight, you will find yourself in the pages of Tracy's book. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who believes in love, or has a love for poetry. Pick up your copy today !

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5 Out of 5 Stars - A must buy... It stimulates the mind, soul and heart

I found Moon Kissed Musings to be a treasure horde of emotions, each page contains magic in its words that captivate the mind and soul. Moon Kissed Musings is a well written book that shows the skill of the author in well balanced topics written about.... It is captivating and enchanting... Love it.

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Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers' Favorite

Tracy A. Seiden's Stardust and Fire: Tales of a Hopeful Romantic comprises a collection of seventy-one poems about the many varying aspects of heterosexual love, passion, desire, attraction and romance. The first of the short pieces, "Childhood Forever," comes close to conventional rhyming poetry, but it is the only one that does. It serves almost as an introduction to the rest, which encompass the thoughts, dreams and longings of women of any age. These are all free verse: some divided into sections and others that Ms. Seiden simply allows to flow.

Stardust and Fire: Tales of a Hopeful Romantic is a title that captured my imagination before I opened the book and read a single word. Tracy A. Seiden held my attention; every poem led me on to the next. "Dance" is so incredibly expressive it truly does dance, as do all the pieces involving dancing. In Divine Love, the woman encourages her man to be protective, and "fuels him to be the man he was meant to be." "Peace of the Soul" echoes that theme. "Stardust" is thirty-eight flowing words, clever and utterly different. "Fire," the other title word, is best expressed in "Warrior on Fire." There is eroticism too in "Heaven's Door," "Black Magic Symphony," and "Did He Feel It."

The surprise was "Dark Wings Broken." My personal favorite is "Don't," a clever contradiction, or is it "A Winter's Queen," or "Reflections" and "life is a cycle, never ending"? The contention for a favorite is powerful in Stardust and Fire, and Ms. Seiden expresses herself as a "hopeful romantic" in every poem.

Tracy Seiden is a writer residing in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.  'Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic', her first book of poetry and short verse, explores nature, love and heartache, and finding one's self.  Her writing combines beautiful imagery and thoughtful musings on a life spent searching for a better understanding of the human connection.

In 2013, Tracy began writing as a way to reconnect with old friends.  A lover of deep conversation, she began to realize there were many others out there looking for a meaningful connection and true bonds to support and inspire one another.

When she's not writing, Tracy spends her time planning future goals of living on a lake somewhere cool and writing her first novel.



Stardust and  Fire

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5.0 out of 5 stars - A heavenly collection

Tracy Seiden's first book Stardust and Fire is a glorious cornucopia of poetry which will enchant and delight. Tracy has a certain esoteric expertise that just weaves the most beautiful stories, making use of both childhood and old-age themes and ideas. Also many of the pieces serve as analogies of important life events. This book is kinetic from start to finish, breathing new life into the reader. It would make a wonderful gift for a friend or a loved one. I am most delighted to add it to my poetry collection and strongly recommend that you do too.

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Tracy Seiden