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Tamsen Grace

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5 out of 5 stars - This book is raw and emotional.

This book is raw and emotional. The author's eloquent use of words paint a picture of triumph through pain and offers a message everyone should hear. This poetry book is a must read.

By Amazon Customer on March 8, 2017 - Verified Purchase

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5 out of 5 Stars -Reading this book is like listening to a sister

Reading this book is like listening to a sister. We all have struggles and deal with our own personal challenges throughout life. This book of private and personal poems is inspiring and gives me strength to carry on. Tamsen Grace speaks with a voice that is her own, and yet, is familiar and true. A good book to pick up, read a few pages and let the words inspire the rest of your day.

By Mary DuQuaine on December 6, 2016 - Verified Amazon Purchase

Tamsen Grace wanted to be a writer since she was a child.  She would create elaborate, tragic stories for her friends and little sister to play.  No prince to sweep her off her feet. In her stories the heroine would refuse the prince and live a tragic, but brilliant life helping the people in her village, while the love-struck prince watched from the sidelines. The dream to be a writer stayed strong throughout her childhood and early adulthood, but then like most people, life got in the way. Her dreams got put to the side, to be pursued at a later date.  Raising her children, being a mother and wife became her world.  The only writing she did was making up stories to entertain her children and their friends.  The dream never disappeared but just faded into the distance. 

Then her world started to fall apart, slowly piece by piece.  First her parents died within six months of each other, then there was her marriage that was rapidly disintegrating. The Marriage problems was the biggest skeleton in her closet, the thing that marred the image of the perfect family she had carefully created.  All the skeletons came tumbling out as the problems became exposed.

In 2012 in the midst of a brutal divorce Tamsen Grace found out she had breast cancer.  The funny thing is that the writing came pouring out.  She wrote as a way to deal with what was happening. The writing and her faith was what kept her sanity.  The cancer in a way, saved her and showed that she needed to learn how to live. She became a Phoenix, reinventing herself from the ashes of her former life as she learned how to spread her wings and fly.  Her first book, a religious work book that she coauthored was published during this time. She started to put her poetry out there and was surprised that in six months’ time almost everything that she put out was accepted. Then came this publishing contract and the first item on her bucket list to get a poetry book became a reality. She was finally living her dream to be a writer.  The skeletons in the closet when they were released, set her free to be the person she was always meant to be.

5.0 out of 5 stars - I have always had a love of poetry

I have always had a love of poetry. Skeletons in My Closet definitely is a nice reminder that life is full of obstacles, and it is all how we ourselves deal with those obstacles. The author is talented, impressive, and a true motivation.

By KatNJayD21 on March 29, 2017