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Tammy  S.  Thomas

Tammy S. Thomas resides in Newport News, Virginia.  She has taken on the role of a single mother, and works hard to take care of her family. From being a housekeeper, a daycare teacher, to earning an Associate of Occupational Science in Medical Assisting with a Clinical Concentration, Tammy has always wanted to help others in any way that she could.


As a teenager, even though she had friends, she felt she was a loner. Tammy discovered an outlet while writing in a journal pouring out her feelings. This was her escape from reality at times. Along the way she began to write poetry, yet didn't know exactly what it was, but felt inspired to keep writing. Expressing her thoughts and feelings made her feel more confident about herself.


In 2011 through connecting socially on Facebook she began writing again and never stopped. Her poetry has caught the attention of other writers and poets, some of which let her know they could relate to her poetry and felt inspired.


In 2015 Tammy made her first interview appearance on a blog talk radio show to talk about her poetry and other issues within the community. And in 2016 she was invited back to do another interview and has done two poetry events where she was the headliner since. She hopes to continue to inspire through her words and to continue encouraging others.