Susannah white grew up in a very small town in southern California. Her parents didn't believe in material possessions and chose to raise their 5 children in a way that showed more love. Susannah grew up with no electricity until she was in her teenage years. Her passion and gift for writing developed at a young age as a way to channel her emotions through the various trials she faced. When she was just 2 years old she was shot in the eye, causing it to be blinded and turning outwards. She got teased and made fun of throughout her school years because she did not look the same. This fueled much of her empathetic character as she always felt she didn't belong. She went on to work in the veterinary care field and most recently working with children. She is a survivor of domestic violence inflicted by her son's father. She had to have reconstructive surgery recently to place titanium plates and screws in her face to replace shattered bones. The doctors were not sure if she would ever see again until she woke up from surgery, the thought was almost unbearable at that time, having a 2-year-old child. When she woke up from surgery with her sight remaining, she now sees the world in a different view.  It helped her to rekindle her love of life and see the blessing in every trial she has faced. She has now learned to walk in grace through this life with empathy and perseverance. She uses this newfound self-progression as a muse to help others and lift up souls whom may have broken wings and strives to help them soar to the depths of where their own soul wanders.


When Susannah is not writing, she uses her free time to explore this beautiful earth and connect with nature. She enjoys hiking, camping and anything outdoors. She is very creative and has a talent for woodworking, drawing, and wire bending.

Susannah   White

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