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Susan E. Birch

Only open the pages of Ancient Whispers when you have the time to absorb the wealth of wisdom, the time to let a stranger who doesn’t know you to touch your soul, the time to get caught in a dreamcatcher. Chase the wind through a midsummer’s night dream. In the late autumn, you can dance with a banshee in a stone circle. Take some quiet time and go moon watching at the midnight sea but beware of the sea witch! At 3:00 am you might find the Ancient One listening to snowflake whispers or writing about writing. Between the opening and ending pages you have rode the cosmic winds and swam in the abyss of time.

~ D.B. Hall, Author of Pebbles in The Stream

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When I was eleven years old a teacher, knowing my love of Literature and History, gave me her own copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare and a poetry anthology both of which changed my life.   When I opened the book of poetry it naturally fell open at a page on which was a poem called ‘The Cloths of Heaven’ by W.B. Yeats. I read it and was stunned as it was the first time words had actually drawn a picture in my mind.  Later, reading the book of Shakespeare, I found Sonnet 18’ and found the answer to why poets wrote poetry. From then on I was an avid reader of poetry and fell in love with the classical poets. I am now approaching the age of seventy and still have that love and amazement of poetry I felt at eleven. I love all genres of poetry but my favourites are historically based or any poem about the Earth, the ocean, the night or the moon.

As well as being a poet, I am a Yorkshire lass, a mother and grandmother, an avid reader of historical novels, an elderly eco-warrior and a closet on-line gamer.

I have never met Susan E.Birch in person, I was introduced to her through a very talented & fellow poet D.B. Hall who messaged me one day, saying “Sue you must meet Susan & read her work because I think you will really love her.” And so it came about, & yes I do love her & her work, tremendously & beyond words. I had the feeling of deja vu on meeting this lovely lady, as though I had met her somewhere in another life, another time, & even her work was familiar to me. I realized that Susan & I were soul mates in some distant realm & I would often read her work & think, “gosh she has beaten me to it, I wish I had written that”, but never with envious jealousy, merely a tremendous admiration, & I rejoice in the fact that Susan is out there & even from a distance, is a mentor to me & I am sure to many, so thank you for that dear lady. Susan is known as The Ancient Poet”, & it suits her perfectly, not because she is ancient, for she is so young in spirit, but ancient in wisdom, which is reflected in her ethereal work. I am so glad that we belong to the same family of Creative Talents Unleashed & I not only wish her all the best on her journey, but recommend that we all follow her on that journey, for we will all be richer for it.

~ Sue Lobo, Author of The Last Dance, Wild Whisperings, and I am Woman