Like so many other writers, Author Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin’s troubled childhood would be the spark to Elle’s pen.  Motivated by several life experiences and her childhood’s best friend, at age eleven she began writing poetry.  After many years of sharing with family and friends, she would later find herself motivated by her first cousin, Michael Williams who created a website for her to share with the world.  In November of 2009, the website would be developed for Author McLin’s poetry.  Several weeks later it was reformatted and a subtitle of “A Shared Format 4 Poets” would be created because the author wanted a place for those alike, who were also afraid of sharing, to share.  Eight years later, over 150 writers from around the world and several thousand poems, it has become a great success.

Author McLin has published in the past without keeping a count on her accolades.  Her inner desire to share her work has stemmed on her hopes to help others who have carried a troubled past, but mainly those who have dealt with depression and sexual abuse.  Elle’s pen has been used as a microphone to unsilence her and to comfort others who feel alone.  Author Shantelle McLin continues to stay humble towards her gift but is highly aware that her purpose is far greater than to just write poems.  She remains a mentor within her online poetic community, pushing others towards their goals and dreams in writing.

Most would believe that Author McLin’s gift is writing, but those who truly know her knows that it is her empathy.  Elle’s ability to place herself inside another’s shoes, to feel another’s pain, is actually how she paints such truth with her pen.  A woman with a heart of gold, where true kindness exists, constantly not only cheer for the underdog but also lends a helping hand.  Author McLin’s shy and quiet nature is quite misleading, for if you were to dig deeper you would find a compassionate, strong, beautiful, and tenacious woman. 

Author Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin’s philosophy is simple.  “You cannot withdraw from this world what you have not invested within”.  She is quite aware that you must give to the world what you want to take away from it.  Whereas life has been a challenge for her with many trials and undesirable triumphs, she’s aware that hard work, perseverance and a will to change circumstances is how she comes on top.  Not only is she a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister, but she is a self-motivator and a role model to many.

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Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin