Sandra Lyon Kramer

Sandra Lyon Kramer is a Poet, Artist, and Blogger currently living in the Los Angeles area.

Kramer’s debut book, The Only Words My Soul Knows, is courageous, sensuous and emotionally compelling.  It takes readers from the depths of despair to the pinnacles of joy in a confluence of free verse and elegant sonnet.  The book has been described as an “opus” that is both “masterful” and “extraordinary.”

Although she has been writing poetry from an early age, the thrust of her writing was in the areas of journalism and social activism.

Kramer said she always believed in the power of the written and spoken word but it was not until recently that she realized the strength of her own story.  “I compiled The Only Words My Soul Knows to celebrate my complete human experience.  Life is not tidy.  We have internal struggles.  Talking about abuse, grief, and self-worth is discouraged in ‘polite society’; but, why?

“For me, my experiences made me a stronger, better person.  If sharing the honesty of my emotions allows others to embrace their true, raw, beautiful selves, I have used my gifts correctly.”

Sandra Lyon Kramer currently is compiling her second poetry collection and developing an art program for “the finger-painter in everyone.”

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