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Olawale Famodun has spent the last ten years rising to become a corporate executive in various sectors of the industry including Oil & Gas, Aviation and Hospitality. As if that was not enough he became an author with the publication of ‘Poems of Redemption’, thereby fulfilling a life-long dream of venturing wholly into literature. This accomplishment has also affirmed to him, as the major theme in his debut collection entails, man’s ultimate triumph over adversities.


Review For Poems Of Redemption

I Was Able to See Through The Authors Eyes.

Author Olawale Famodum not only takes you on some of his life adventures through poetic verse but shares with you the in-depth journey of the beginning of a dream, to making the dream come to life. Olawale had a dream of becoming a published author, and consistently worked to achieve his dream for several years, and finally gave birth to Poems Of Redemption in 2014. The collection of poem herein consist of thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories and life events that are happening within the authors life. The Rains Have Fallen – takes you through nature’s landscape of falling in love, while Fire Music reminds us to dance, to enjoy the process of life. Author Olawale Famodum consistently reminds us through his poetic communications that how we live our life, is in the control of our own hands. I enjoyed this authors perception of life and highly recommend the book Poems Of Redemption.

- Kerajade, Amazon 2015


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from the University of Ibadan which itself had become a centre of literary excellence in Nigeria twenty years before his birth. The author’s in-born passion for the literary art is propagated into every encounter of his life to which he is endlessly seeking explanations and expressions.


Famodun’s mind and art explore the nature of life and the essence of empathy, culminating in an interpretation that brings satisfaction to all at various levels through the application of the genres of poetry, short story, novel, drama, memoirs or their variants. When he is not reading, writing or attending to his wife and son, he imagines himself to be a solitary boxer performing shadow boxing.

Olawale Famodun