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5 Out of 5 stars  -From the dungeon of ego and into the light of love and self- acceptance.

I found this book to be very enjoyable. There are a few typos but the quality of the writing majorly overshadows them. There is a lot to learn from within these pages and I make a bet that anyone who reads this won’t leave without deep critical thought and a good mood.

Holloway’s Journey to the Poetic Light Illuminations is a primer for invaluable information on the human psyche and how to pull yourself from the dungeon of ego and into the light of love and self- acceptance. The author’s faith plays an integral role in this book as his boat rolls up and down through the ocean of life. I’m personally not religious, but I am spiritual and can feel the need for a higher power in his words. Dare I say that reading this helped me find God? No. But it did remind me of him, and I thank the author for that. The author is also a huge nature fan, which can be seen in many of his poems. He uses metaphors that describe the sun, the trees, the flowers, ect. He paints images in the mind very well.

As a fellow poet, the way I see it is that Holloway Jr. is a wordsmith; there’s no other way to describe him. He uses many poetic devices that are fun to read. He has a way of utilizing complex tools without seeming overly pedantic, which is hard to do.

I hold a firm belief that anyone would enjoy this book, poet or not.

The book is separated into several different parts, I will just go over my favorites.

The first part which includes poems like “Coming to terms”. “Reality Slice (An Assessment)”, “Cerebral wildness”, and “Moving to Love”, explore the modern psyche and exemplifies what it’s like to be human; A struggle between forces that push and pull us throughout our lives. This boxing match with the ego is a common theme throughout this part. I also enjoyed the poems, “Aromatic to auditory”, “New Nature, and “Vacation In Mind”, as they offer a seat of relaxation between the hard hitting truths about the psyche.

The second part offers a sensual feast for the mind. With poems like “Where do I lay?” and “Sundress”, you are swept into a maelstrom of light and deep metaphor dealing with a womanly figure and a minutia of beautiful sensations. Though my favorite of the second part Is “From the Pillow to the Concrete.” which talks about the harshness of the world and arms you with awareness to prepare.

The third part focuses on sadness and redemption. In parts, the author questions his faith in God and in others, he is pondering when he is going to leave this earth. My favorite poem in this part of the book is “Extinguished in Silence” which really hit home with me because I deal with depression. The last line of the poem says it all, “Silence Burns…”.

The fourth part smashes through the pages with hard hitting emotional lines like the poem “Realization Evaporated.” If you’re expecting this book to slow down, you will be pleasantly surprised. The author shows no signs of slowing down early into the final part. The poem, “Moving Words” touches me as a poet, as it speaks of and shows the power of words and the heart.

By Adam Brown on February 5, 2016 / Format: Paperback

Nolan's Reviews

5 Out of 5 stars - a truly beautiful book

A wonderful book of poetry! Nolan writes about growth and the journey to find one's self. Each poem is a reflection of his soul. ~ Debra McLain, Author

By DKMcLain_poetess on February 25, 2016 / Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

5 Out of  Stars  - Journey to the Poetic Light “Illuminations” takes you on a poetic journey through this author’s soul experience. Author Nolan P. Holloway Jr. shares poetry about relationships, life decisions, Spirituality, nature, and even the loss of a loved one in his new book Journey to the Poetic Light. My favorite of the collection is “Time Between Scribes” a sweet poem that goes with the flow that life is bitter, yet sweet all at once. Journey to the Poetic Light has something to offer all readers, and is a highly recommended read.

- Kerajade, June 8th, 2015

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Nolan P. Holloway Jr., has been scribing poetry since 2010.  His work has been part of several anthologies including “Love, a Four Word” comprised of love poems for authors from all over the world, and Shades of the Same Skin a cultural anthology.  In 2012 his first book, “Into My Rotation, A Collection of Scribes was published.  Two years later his second book Journey to the Poetic Light was released and reflects his growth as a poet, followed by his third collection Life Between The Words in early 2017. When not writing his interests are running, playing pool and spending time with his granddaughters, Brielle and Ari Vaughn.


Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.