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Lindsey F. Rhodes is a poet originally from New Orleans who now resides in Ohio. An individual who tends to go against the grain and takes unconventional paths. Lindsey is a graduate of American Intercontinental University and is a U.S. Army veteran. He credits his love of the literary arts through his life experiences and observations. He employs a sharp tongue when writing about the world he lives in while being unapologetic.

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Brutally Honest in Your Face Words of Truth!

Poet Lindsey F. Rhodes brings brutally honest in your face words of truth on a variety of subjects! You can feel through his woven poetic stories that he himself has faced both the hardships and triumphs along life's CrossRhodes. F.E.D. U.P. on page 26 is a prime example. Bravo Poet Rhodes for bringing subjects to light that we often sweep under the table.

- Kerajade, Amazon 2014


A Treasure!

I have been blessed with the opportunity to read some of Lindsey's poems before, so I was super excited when I learned this book was becoming a reality! Reading the book as a whole, instead of as separate poems, leads you down his life's path right along with him so you have the opportunity to experience all that he does! I was struck all over again with the overpowering of emotion he is able to instill in each of his works. A cache of thoughts, feelings, and wisdom are enfolded between the pages of this book which will always be a treasure of mine

- vickielynn, Amazon 2014


The Working Man's Poet Here People!

Talent mixed with raw real life emotions, this book is chocked full of how normal everyday people see, live and feel. A real non made up un-Hollywood life. My God bless you Mr. Rhodes.

- Tina Root, Amazon 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars - Wonderful, soul touching writing

Wonderful, soul touching writing. Written truths in poetic form, a must have for any collection. This writer hits home.

By Songbird


Lindsey F. Rhodes