Laura Marie Clark is a history graduate from England, UK, who is currently working to fund her Masters and a PhD in ancient and classical history. She has previously provided writing tips for Creative Talents Unleashed, which encouraged her to write daily, and has had a poem published in the “Divided Lines” anthology. Her first collection is “City of the World”, which tells the story of the ten months that she spent living and working in Vietnam through poetry.


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She has always been interested in the power of words to channel emotions and change people's perceptions. She writes with the belief that if one person can be touched by her messages, then the world can become a better, a brighter, and a less selfish place.


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Praise for City of the World:

“This compilation of poems is a meditative and intimate exploration of the writer's time in Vietnam. It brilliantly conveys the exciting nature of being in a new and challenging environment as well as the anxieties and obstacles that come with it. Rather than bogging the story down in excessive and distracting metaphors and symbolism, the writer's narratives are down to earth and literalist in their approach; blunt, cynical, and highly detailed in their appreciation for the experiences and people the author comes across. Thoroughly recommended.”


Laura Marie Clark