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Kristina Mosley, born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania raised in San Antonio Texas. She started jounaling poetry at the age of nine as a way to have imaginary friends, when making friends seemed like a complicated thing to do.  Early on, her introverted-ness brought many escapades of finding joy, and contentment while eavesdropping on conversations that belong to grown folks.  

Although Poetry was on and off a hobby with starting a family of her own; poetry has lifted her forward in solace and comfort.  In writing, she can still find herself untouched, unharmed by the world. She writes to visit wakeful visions- of intangible things.

For me writing poetry in a spiritual perspective as Mother God brought wholeness to all the ripples in humanity. Of which are nurturing, sensitive and upholding the rights of women. In a feminine voice, one that is loving and liberating. Poetry and prayer are synonymous; I find clarity and breathe deeper in my practice. 

The fire in Krissy's words are inspiring, heartbreaking and empowering all at once.

- Maria Fairbrother

This writer’s art is very different to anything else I had read for many years & it shone out beckoning like a lighthouse calling lost souls to enter, to rest & quaff at her scribbed words, to find succor for heart & soul. The more I delved into Kristina’s work, the more I realized that she is someone very special. I was transported to a very special place, almost as though I had reached Nirvana. Her poetry caresses like silk upon the soul, like a breeze softly kissing the trees, a slight shivering of waves upon the skin of lakes on a summer day. When leaving this inner sanctum of Mosley´s poetry, one feels at peace with the world, refreshed & alive with heart, mind & soul lifted. Her work is gentle & kind, it woos the senses rather than assaults them, & in this hurdy-gurdy world we live in I can only thank her for making life a better place through her beautiful writing. 

- Sue Lobo, Author

Kristina's  Reviews

You’re a great blessing, Krissy, and I always look forward to reading your prayer-poems! They’re an oasis of serenity in a chaotic world.

- Ruth Williams

Kristina  Neal  Mosley

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