“When I read Justin Hart’s poetry, it illustrates a man who is a balance of sensuality and reason, illusion and reality, a passionate soul and an immortal spirit. His poetry offers more than just imaginative stories, but also relays desire, belief, and purpose.”

-Maya Angel Hart

“I love the romance of magic that weaves throughout Justin’s expression. It is authentic, a way of life. The expansive aspect of this love offering weaves a multi-sensual experience, encouraging changes in perspective. As we embrace the flow of word, image, concept, and content, worlds of imagination, insight and wisdom unfold.”

 —Melanie Gendron, The Gendron Tarot, “Remembering the Goddess-a Spiritual Journal,” “This Fool ’s Journey through Tarot’s 22 Major Arcana,” etc...

Justin's Reviews

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Justin Hart came from humble beginnings.  As a child, he was faced with dealing with the rough streets of East Los Angeles. Justin found an escape within the fantasy stories of Greek Mythology. He started writing his own creations at the age of 14.  His creative writing offered a world where he could cleverly express his fears and passions regarding the dualistic nature of our wayward world.  Justin continued pursuing writing through college; where he went on to teach English, Journalism, and Drama in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He was a celebrated teacher and an inspiration to his students, yet he humbly states that it was his students who inspired him.

Aside from being a teacher and a poet, Justin has been a photographer, videographer, musician, composer, and counselor. As his best friend and wife of 30+ years, I have been blessed to experience much of this genuine man’s creative endeavors, compassion, and magic. Now, you have an opportunity to traverse some of Justin Hart’s CTU poetic voyages. Enjoy the journey into his latest collection of poetic gems, “The Dawn of Pondering Passions.”

Justin’s writing envelopes traditional symbolism, using nature to relate possibilities deeper than the literal level. Many of his poems are syllabic and have a play on words which he has termed as ‘geminizing,’ his distinctive style. It is similar to a double entente, yet beyond. With this process,he might use a word that can be read as a noun or a verb, depending on how the sentence is read.

These words may stand alone in a line and be spelled the opposite of what is expected to take the reader through different interpretations. ‘Geminizing’ may also be used with phrases. So, take time to explore the array of express-ways of his poetry.

Some of Justin Hart’s early inspirations came from the naturally simplistic, yet symbolic writings of Robert Frost, along with the depth of Khalil Gibran and with the wisdom of the woods through Henry David Thoreau. Ultimately, Justin is inspired by the Eternal Light around us. Many of his poems have been created by channeling divine energy. I would describe Justin Hart as a spiritual man, who accepts all philosophies, which will help guide us to transcend.

Justin R. Hart