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It has been the strangers in Jeffery's life who have encouraged him to pursue his passions....

A fifth grade teacher who told him he would write books one day.

An elderly man he met while in a homeless shelter who told him he was too smart to be there and sent him to the library to "see what other people had done with their lives" and to do something with his own.

Or the Muslim friend who told him he was a diamond and the pressure of life was there to make him shine.

Countless others have inspired Mr. Martin's pen without realizing.

He became a writer because he was first a listener. Through the ups and downs of life seeds of expression have been born, seeds he feels are his responsibility to share.

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" The first time I picked up a writing utensil to express my feelings I was 10 years old. I thought I hated my life so I wrote about that fear and my sadness. Writing has always been medicine for me. It has given me a voice at times when I could not bring myself to make a sound. It has served as a constant reminder of my connectedness to all the emotions that go into living. It is more than books or essays ... it is breath." 

– Jeffery Martin

Jeffery Martin

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