Jeff Oliver

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Jeff Oliver was born on April 6th, 1982 in Baltimore, Maryland. After his family moved to southern Pennsylvania, he found the perfect outlet for his adolescent emotions; through writing poetry.

Jeff’s emotional outlet of poetry appears in MICROAGGRESSION THEN & NOW By Creative Talents Unleashed, he also appears In Glomag each month, published by Glory Sasikala out of India.


Jeff’s vivid, no hold’s back style of writing brings you in and threatens to never let you go. Currently a Stay at Home Dad, Jeff is raising five children that live with him and his beautiful wife Jennie in New York. He also has two older children that live in southern Pennsylvania. Jeff’s family is everything to him, and they are what fuels his lifelong passion with poetry.


One of his favorite lines that has flowed from his pen is: “I will always take in what I have, the past is shattered…with the vision in the glass.”