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In your darkest hour, when your world begins to shatter, when you are faced with your own demise, you could rise.


                                                                                         - Isaiah Barber

The phoenix . . . what does it mean? What does it represent?

The idea of course comes from the phoenix. It is an idea that I feel is often times forgotten and only seen on film. What lives and breathes in us all is the rising phoenix; or rather, the concept of it all. Our lives put to ruin due to errors and flaws in the way of the world. People are disrupted with cruelties and injustice. The truth is, it would be folly for one to think that justice shall be done forever and always because it shall not.

I could hope or create an ideal world of justice in my head, but that would be a fool's errand. Instead, I write poetry in hopes it would be enough to better assist one going through darkness. The truth is, unfortunately I am unable to change the world; because if I could, it would be a world of complete serenity for all. Being that I cannot, I instead write of the phoenix in hopes that you will believe what I believe which is simple . . .

Volume 1, Phoenix

Introduction . . .

Path To Serenity

Isaiah Barber