With the release of his second book, “Sinner’s Road”, Hugh also celebrates fifty years of playing blues and rock. His first book, “Torn Poems”, was the culmination of fifteen years of writing lyrics and poetry.

The musical influences in his work, are worn proudly on the sleeve. Prose written with the depth of blues, lyrics jump with the drive of rock and roll. Love, death, art, politics and religion are rocks to be overturned. To see what crawls out.

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Words that whisper in your ear of love and peace. Words that scream in your head of war and injustice. Winners, losers, saints and sinners reside here. Come sit for a while.

Hugh Dysart is a soul mate, with Brenda-Lee Ranta, an established author, also at C.T.U. Publishing Group. A father and a grandfather. He resides in Timmins Ontario Canada.  



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Hugh Dysart

Photo Credit: Ann Parnell

$13.95 Plus Shipping