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My name is Hrishikesh Padhye. I am the author of two poetry books, entitled ECHOES AND CONSEQUENCES and HYMNS OF ASCENSION. In my mind, I love to be a critical but free thinker. I think our minds are always in the stage of intellectual wear and tear as modifications always fit in the equations having variable desire and destiny. That's how, we are caught amidst the Continuous Evolution. 


Reviews of Echoes And Consequences

Upon first blush, this 62 page book of poetry appears to be a youthful expose, yet as i read each poem I realized I was being taken on a journey. From the happy tone of My Friend; My Iridescence with its patterned stanza of “you enlighten me, you enlighten me” to “you shield me, you shield me” to the polarities of Let’s Live Every Moment “Love, peace, harmony is only one side, Ruthless aggression is another” I became a traveller on the path of discovery. Falling into love with Romance Fever, a poem that is drizzling with blushing boyhood fantasy. Captured in rapture by Make Me Yours, which tells the lovers story in poignant verse “Live in the castle of my love which is just for you. Hum the song of affection, whose lyrics start and end with you.” i found myself reading aloud as I continued the journey through a lustful love affair that ends in The Meteor of Your Reality “Sheltering my exposed scars at this stroke of time, my tears are writing this life altering story; in which, the disintegration of my Life’s planet….was done by the Meteor of Your Reality.”

I continued to turn the pages as the poems turned dark and despair was apparent. In Obscure Psychology “Caught in the midst of chaos. Searching through the darkness, picking up our shattered pieces” I felt the darkness enveloping like the stages of grief. Words of a Falling Mask simply blew me away. This poem is perhaps the best of the young poets’ compilation. The words are crisp and sharp like a dagger. “To smile, hiding torment behind a lie” Half way through this journey, I finally realize that this is the circle of life, creation, learning, loving, cruelty, grief, darkness is all part of the pathway to light. It was only fitting that Spirituality, Mythology & Occult would be the next poem. In A Mystic Diva, I visualized a golden goddess “your divine soul is singing the melody of love”. The poem Energy flowed with a meditation rhythm that could be easily memorized and repeated in a morning yoga pose. I laughed out loud as I turned to Realm of a Witch feeling like I had been dropped into a Shakespeare’s play with the three witches of Macbeth. Out of the ashes came Nova of a Phoenix “Allow me to burn your demons, and bring you back to life; Breaking the shackles of slavery, you too will go heights” a powerful poem of resurrection.

 The poet gives a glimpse of his true character, a mathematics whiz kid studying engineering, in The Art of Writing “Emitting the sparks of prodigious wisdom it is the signifying sign of critical thinking” I was solemn as I read A Soldier “Sacrifice’s Art…Coil, Aim, Shoot, Reload” a special poem that pulled at heart strings for the many heroes who have protected our freedoms. With Quivering Poverty “Shrouded in torments, living in jeopardy, cursed and suppressed by the voices of dominance, will someone please become our voice?” the tears rolled down my face. I was taken back to the slums of Mumbai were the poorest of the poor children’s faces are forever engraved in my memory. Singing Orphans “Wrinkled faces burning underneath the sun, there lies a story untold” burned in my soul. As a nurse working with hospice and end of life care, I found The Last Goodbye a touching poem that captures those final hours “My friend, will you please be my smile again?” reminded me of the young cancer patients that I have helped and comforted in their final moments. The circle of life complete with Necrosis of Mother Earth, a call for humanity to wake up before it is too late. “Insane storms of desolation with peace nowhere, blowing; with unbearable agony and fathomless pain, but still with the same motherhood of all my creations; I am waiting, I am waiting, I am waiting, For my Necrosis”. A powerful ending in this authors’ first book. Can’t wait to read his next one!

 - Pam Sandhu Author, Poet, Editor-in-chief Aasra Publishing

A wondrous adventure of poetry comes gifted into soul, within this first offering from poet, Hrishikesh Padhye. Echoes And Consequences is highly expressive for its readers as a deep immerse into poems that dive and swirl — within caring and metaphysical blending’s coming alive as creative perceptions carry the author’s imaginative and finely tuned artistic poetry; opening within the mind and heart’s fleeting and beating breaths of vibrant color-splashes of timelessness! The raw and highly developed feelings so equally emote within these poems, and require one to be open-minded and willing to fly very far — reaching inside through very imaginative yearnings, the author allows the reader to travel along within these delightful consequential poems and dances us across life’s echoes as they run wild, and unabashedly forward into a unique timelessness within soul!

 I really enjoyed this creative mirror, the book lends for opening many unyielding depths inside of heart! I highly recommend Echoes and Consequences to anyone who is perceptive and freely adventurous inside of spirit and believe you will also treasure this imaginative and heart-felt book. Kudos and thanks Mr. Padhye! Will expect more delightful spirited journeys ahead, in your upcoming poetic offerings!

- Jen Walls – Author “The Tender Petals”


I consider Poetry to be a bridge that arches between Globe-trotting and Self-discovery. It takes the spirit to higher levels of enlightenment. I think that art is like a nova which is dormant in many human beings, thus ascends someday in some form to enhance the strength of abated spirituality in an individual.

Academically, I am a student studying Civil Engineering, from Government Engineering College in the City of Jabalpur, India. I also love to spend time my in meditation, cooking, painting, analysing literary humour, learning different languages, as well as grasping scriptures, while learning more about spirituality. I prefer to be reserved for discovering my deep inside inner-self.


            "Life is an endless tug of war between Strength of Purpose and Height of Ambition"
                                                                       - Hrishikesh

Hrishikesh Padhye