“Poetry is the eternal graffiti written in the hearts of everyone” – Lawrence Ferlinghetti. 

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She has always loved the magic of word play since being a child and writing songs which she still has in a folder titled “Songs of Moonlight”. Growing up she had a fascination with Rock Stars and their lyrics. The BEAT Poets of the 50’s inspired her taste and style. She is also a drummer and music enthusiast. Words and beats will always roam in her blood.

A New City Book Review

Reviewed by Samantha Gregory for Readers’ Favorite

A New City by Hannah Allen is a collection of poetry that features a mixture of nouns that the author has found interesting to describe situations, cities, love and more.

I enjoyed Exiled:
Tumbleweeds in a cobblestone garden,
Adam’s Eve, autumn leaves,
Our tragic hero has fallen,The Madonna of the unloved.

The garden is not your home!
Marble saint of the desert,
Walk with sun blistered feet,
Westward into cool night

I also enjoyed the poem Stages:
Youth is ember,
Day is gold,
Night is cool,
Old age is warm
By a bustling fire
Telling stories.

But my favorite poem would have to be Pick and Choose as it really struck a chord with me.
Pick a quote to lift you up today,
Choose another one tomorrow to suite your mood.
Pick a belief to believe in,
Choose a religion to live by.
Pick a dream to pursue,
Choose your purpose.
Pick a pack to belong to,
Choose your friends.
Pick a flag to show pride in,
Choose a symbol.
Pick your heroes,
Choose idols to hang on your walls,
Pick a life you want,
Choose a death worth dying for.

I really like the message in this. We pick our own lives and how we live them.

The poems are very imaginative and paint a vivid picture of what the author was feeling when it was written. Hannah Allen has a great imagination and I enjoyed A New City. It was full of color and variety. I think it will do very well on the market. A lot of poetry is quite bland by comparison and if I were to choose a book of poetry, I feel I would pick this one over others.

Hannah Allen

Hannah Allen is a writer and videographer currently living in her hometown of Lake City, FL. She has attended Tallahassee Community College and the University of Central Florida earning her Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television Production. She plans on relocating to Atlanta, GA soon to get involved with film. She has poems published in the “Divided Lines” Anthology and “Looking Life in the Eye” Poets of Central Florida Anthology, Vol. III. Her first collection of poems is “A New City”. She is very honored to have a five year publishing contract with Creative Talents Unleashed to share her voice with readers.