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Glenda Higgins, took a workshop/class in poetry and had a poetry attack.  After having studied for many years to be a musician, she found fate had other ideas.

Residing in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, she would walk the seawall, throwing herself on the ground to write down the poems that just wouldn't stop knocking on her brain.  The beauty of the sea, rainforest, and birds of all kinds was captured in this book of poetry.  It is a frozen moment in time.  A place that is rapidly disappearing as urban development encroaches on "the naturally beautiful spots" of this country.

Her journey into writing took off.  After being dragged onstage at a poetry cafe called La Quena, she dabbled in performance poetry, often playing her flute for other poets. A chance encounter with Gerry Gilbert resulted in a poetry reading on his radio show called Radio Free Rainforest.

Since then she has taken more writing courses, joined writing groups both online and off,  and, of course, written more brain-knocking poetry.

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Glenda Higgins