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Estrella Trevino

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My Heartbeat

This book is written with intensity and passion.  Estrella Trevino has conceived a collection of prose which reads as soulful as “The Rose of Sharon” in the Song of Solomon.  Having experienced a profound love, its loss is palpable. With a broken heart, so intensely painful, it is reminiscent of a death; with words will move the reader to tears.

It is by our wounds that we are often saved; having been lost to the depths of a love, dragging our aching hearts, filled with despair, into the light of a new day.  A new life, new awareness and awakenings are found in its aftermath.

The exquisite writings of Estrella, will take you on a journey to self-love.  Beautifully executed, inspiring and touching.  This is a treasure trove of classically poetic words.


Brenda-Lee Ranta, author of A Soul Passenger


Estrella Trevino lives in Lewisville, TX with her 3 children and Yorkie mix named Bulldog. She has always had a gift for writing, which was noticed at a young age by her 2nd grade teacher. Growing up she would devour books within days and constantly fed her imagination with a variety of topics. An extreme introvert, she dealt with anxiety and depression by writing out her thoughts. Her escape has always been words, as that is the way she was able to heal herself and the pain she felt.

She is vocal on her battle with depression and anxiety, and continues to speak about it in order for others to know they are not alone. Her first book, My Heartbeat, is a journey of love, heartache, and coming to love oneself without the need of a partner.  Poetry is her way of being able to paint inside someone’s mind the feelings we have all felt but may not be able to verbalize or describe. It is a freedom to be creative and free from restraints that can hold us down.