There are many voices clamoring for our attention these days and I dare say most of them would voluntarily go silent if they really cared, for they seek more to gain financially from “consumers” than to impart their lived humanity to fellow travelers. Very often the voices that need to be heard are not shouting above the crowd or calling attention to themselves as if they alone have “the answer”. Their sufferings have not destroyed them but blown them like molten glass into a beautiful container. They have words we need to hear but they will not run around neurotically grabbing lapels for attention. They know what they have to say is valuable and we need to have some level of appreciation for that if we are to hear them, and our need is great.


I’ve just finished reading Ataraxia by Donna J. Sanders. Each one of these poems is a quiet but firm grasp on reality against a background that threatened that grasp. That we don’t know Donna is perhaps a good thing because she has no celebrity image to preserve nor some ideology to hawk. She simply speaks poetically from within the crucible of the life she has survived and, having been pressed like grapes over years, now shares with us a fine wine.

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$9.95 Plus Shipping

Great for Contempory Lit English Classes

 Donna's writing is so juicy. It's full of nutritious thoughts, perspective, and strength. You can tell that her words aren't arbitrary or meaningless. She's letting you sit in on her conversations with God and her soul. This book would be a great addition to college-level or AP English classes. Her literary journey is just taking off.

By Kerri on August 16, 2015
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Donna's Reviews

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Outstanding Book!

Donna writes of the struggles of daily life as well as finding joy amongst the chaos. I love this book and the many facets it contains. A real treasure.

By DKMcLain_poetess on January 17, 2016  Format: Paperback

Donna J. Sanders is a poet, freelance writer and blogger residing in West Palm Beach, FL. Born in the Caribbean and migrating to the US in her teens, she started using poetry as therapy, while helplessly watching her father abuse her mother all her life. Her poetry has since integrated social issues, the journey of her faith, encounters of everyday life and words to encourage the world.

Donna’s first poetry book “Ataraxia,” touches on some of the struggles she has endured and how she built the strength to cope with them. Donna is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology and Mercy College with degrees in Literature. She writes to inspire, educate and let others know they are not alone in their fight. Her ultimate goal is to change one life at a time with her words.

Donna  J.  Sanders