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Don Beukes

5 out of 5 stars - Unique perspective, unique style...a MUST READ!

The Salamander Chronicles is an amazing new book of poetry by Don Beukes including a forward by Scott Thomas Outlar. This brilliant blitz of unsuspecting rhyme will have your head spinning. Also the content will have you simultaneously weeping and cheering. This is by a man who experienced Apartheid and has one of the most unique perspectives of any living contemporary poet. READ THIS BOOK!

By Heath Brougher, Author of ‘A Cumudgeon is Born’

5 out of 5 stars

Don Beukes has managed to capture the raw essence of trust, wonder, struggles found in a society we live in. His book had me on a journey with every page turned into a world of marvelous beauty and excitement. I recommend his book to all who love poetry and truly heartfelt reading.

By Markus Fleischmann, Author of ‘A Tome of Musings’

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The Salemander Chronicle

Before any publication success, Don had his debut Ekphrastic Poetry Exhibition in absentia in May 2015 in collaboration with South African artist, satirist, comedian and online radio host at; Casper De Vries, as part of the ‘Aapstrak Vat 5 Art Exhibition’ at Alice Art Gallery in Ruimsig, near Johannesburg.

Don Beukes is a poet who only started to have his poetry published since August 2015 in various international literary magazines and journals, after writing poetry part-time over ten years whilst working as a Teacher of English and Geography in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. He also appears in various Anthologies by Creative Talents Unleashed and also featured in ‘In So Many Words : A Collection of Interviews and Poetry from today’s Poets’ by Adam Levon Brown of Madness Muse Press, ‘Selfhood’ by Transcendent Zero Press edited by Dustin Pickering and ‘Apple Fruits of an Old Oak : A Collection of Contemporary Short poems, Micro Poetry, Haiku&Photography’ edited by Soodabeh Saeidnia.

Originally from Belhar in Cape Town, South Africa, he writes in both English and Afrikaans dealing with themes affecting our global village on a daily basis. He also writes extensively about his experiences in a racially divided country as a child from ‘mixed race’ heritage, having been born, raised and educated during the last two decades of Apartheid.