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Demitri Tyler discovered the power of poetry in the 4th grade while staring out his classroom window at the rain anxious for the bell to ring, the poem he heard that day was “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes. It reminded him of his own life, his struggles growing up in the once vibrant streets of San Francisco that were rapidly changing, decaying. He left class that day still uncertain of his future yet somehow changed, sensing that he too, would one day have a story, a poem to share.


Reviews  for “Measuring For Balance”

Wonderful Collection! The author has poured his heart and soul into this book. With each poem I read I was so moved by different emotions. Written in a clear and simple way, yet with so much meaning… what a great book.

— By: B.J. on January 2, 2015

This book shows respect and care for the positive aspects in nature. It nurtures and nourishes great feelings of love that douse out all destructive power of the negatives in life.

—Vijay Vaghela, Editor of

After reading 'Measuring for Balance' I closed the book feeling completely satisfied. It's not often that readers experience the pleasure of stumbling upon a book of poetry that sheds light on so many areas of our lives in such an eloquent and vivid manner. Pieces like 'Working Poor' gives a voice to those that work endlessly to help build this country, but are often times overlooked. 'Silent Lessons' sheds light upon the at-home casualties of war. Yet, the author transitions seamlessly to matters of the heart in pieces such as 'I Take our Memories off Pause Now' as he states "I have come to realize love is meant to be given, poured out on the living". Measuring for Balance is a collection of poetry that each reader should acquire for their own personal collection. I look forward to more works from Mr. Demitri Tyler, and am eager to see what other jewels and hidden treasures emerge from this poetic voice.

—By Tech Gyrl on September 2, 2015


By the mid 1980’s rap music had taken a strong hold in the majority of cities throughout the United States, its bass loud its lyrics unapologetic. It was at this time that Demitri fell in love with hip hop. His talents as a rapper grew, forming his teenage years, eventually gaining him recognition as a MC to watch in underground circles with performances at the Upper Room the cities hottest poetry/rap venue at the time as well as rap battles in and around the bay area with the group “Many Unique Styles in Common.”

In his early 20’s the tragic loss of his third eldest sister Alicia, along with the stark realities of street life prompted Demitri to hang up his rap aspirations and write the first of what would become many heart stirring poems. The boy lost and uncertain, had now found his way, emerging as a diamond shaped by the scolding heat and crushing pressure of earth. The man, writer and now recent author of his first published solo release gives us “Measuring for Balance”, written in honor of his Mother Eldoreatha Tyler, his sister and countless others too numerous to name. This native son of San Francisco, the fourth of five children weaves stories of love, hate, loss and redemption into delicately woven poetic tapestry that seeps into the pours, warming the very soul.


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