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Debra McLain is a writer residing in Lemoore, California. ‘To Conquer or Die Trying’, her first book of poetry, gives the reader a glimpse of her life. Debra’s soul-baring poem, ‘Innocence Lost’ received a lot of recognition in social media. Once considered a ‘taboo’ subject, she opened up the lines of communication regarding sexual abuse. One poem gave many of her readers the courage to tell others of their own abuse for the first time. She writes of her eating disorder that lasted over twenty-eight years as well as the peace she found through spirituality. From depression to healing, her words will touch you.


 Debra's Reviews

‘To Conquer or Die Trying’ is more than a simple book of poetry. Debra McLain’s writing goes far beneath the surface of human emotion. Her words make you think, reflect and most of all they make you feel. Definitely a must read for any fan of modern day poetry and prose style writing.

– Jay Long, Writer

This author has quickly become one of my favorites. It didn't take me long to become immersed in this soul-capsizing poetry. Ms. McLain has a way of making you feel her prose on a heartwrenching level, yet you don't mind... You crave it. You feast off of it. This book, 'Silhouettes of My Soul' is truly manna for the hopeful heart. A true keepsake.

– Alfa Holden, Writer

Great Read! If you enjoy poetry this book is a must have. You will find yourself smiling as you imagine the thoughts behind many of the poems creatively crafted in this book of poetry. Congratulations Debra.

– Damon E. Johnson, Author

'Heartscapes' is my favorite poem of this book, 'To Conquer or Die Trying'. -- Debra's way with words is incredible. Her books are touching. Loving and honoring. I am blessed by this text and am so enthralled, I know I will read it again and again. Definitely a must-have for every poetry collection.

- Renee Furlow, Writer

'Silhouettes of My Soul' is beautifully written. The delicate deep poetry within the pages, peels back pieces of my own soul and touches me there. Debra's words have gone to places I haven't dared to explore within myself, but I can't help indulge in and heal from. Great book!

- Heather Madura, Writer

Debra’s first poetry release To Conquer Or Die Trying, took us on the journey of a woman that wanted to share the emotional and physical scars she carried in her life’s journey. She had found her voice, and through poetry she could share her stories and reach out to others that may be experiencing similar scenarios in life.  With great eloquence she was able to beautifully translate Pain, Sorrow, and Loss into Uplifting, Inspiring Poems. You can expect no less from her, in this latest collection of poetry ‘Silhouettes of My Soul’. Debra’s soul reaches out and takes pen to paper and continues to scribe words of Inspiration and gentle reminders that we must love ourselves. Silhouettes of My Soul will indeed, warm your heart.

- Raja Williams, Author “The Journey Along The Way, Imprints In The Sand



In 2006, Debra’s only brother died; followed by her father eighteen months later. She began writing poetry as a way to release all of those words she was unable to put a voice to. Writing saved her from falling into the deep pits of depression.

Several of Debra’s poems are published in the anthology, ‘Divided Lines: A Poet’s Stance’. She and other writers came together to shine the light on controversial issues that divide people. All proceeds from book sales go to the ‘Starving Artist Fund’, which assists writers that are ready to become published authors.

When she is not glued to a computer screen, she spends her time with her loving daughters and grandchildren, or working on her 108 year-old house. Her second book, ‘Silhouettes of My Soul’, is like reading private love letters in the form of poetry. ‘Silhouettes’ will resonate with all men and women in the pursuit of love and happiness. Striving for personal growth, she writes of relationships, nature, and the Universe.


Debra McLain