Daryl P. Hall currently lives in the beautifully historic city of Worcester, United Kingdom. He has been married to his wife and muse, Ann, for 25years; they have one daughter, Rebecca. He is a singer songwriter and has a real passion for words in all their forms.

Daryl's Book "Lifelines for the Soul "


Desperately chasing excitement in the monotony of the simplest of tasks. Dying to gasp a breath of peace in the chaos of despair. Searching for understanding in the most challenging of times. Hungry for empowerment in the drudgery of hopelessness. We are often too busy with our daily routines to feel the constant pushing, the pulling of our soul.


The soul is an intricate balance of light and darkness. We choose for ourselves how much light to shine to steal away the darkness, and it is different for everyone. Just imagine that. The spirit of our soul dances to its own song. It knows, before we do, the many diverse melodies of our lives.


This collection of poetry provides the words to the melodies, along with the lyrical stimulation we all crave, as humans, trying to make sense of and find our place in this wonderful world of inconsistencies.


Lifelines for the Soul is a mix-tape of poetry that will truly touch your soul. It will challenge and inspire you, empower and uplift you. And like most mix-tapes will leave you with a warmth that permeates the depths of your tender soul.

- L. J. Diaz, Author

Daryl began his writing in his mid-teens, as a creative outlet for the sensitive, deeper side of him. When he learned to play guitar, his love of writing was transferred easily into song lyrics – many of which have been recorded. He has always loved reading poetry and loves the way it can challenge, encourage and heal. This has greatly informed the way he approaches writing his poetry. His work has always been received favourably on the many online writing forums he belongs to.

Aside from playing guitar, he loves to drink coffee and would like to think of himself as a connoisseur. He loves dogs and is the adopted Dad to a three legged Ginger Tom cat.

Daryl P. Hall

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