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The 2015 Vintage is a Classic

As a man I found this to be very useful in finding creative ways to step up the romance in my relationship. Love and life is the theme here and Mr. Damon Johnson serves it up in a way that conjures memories of some Nikki Giovanni especially her "love poems" book. I am sure he is a fan of hers. The title itself invokes the idea of romance and love as does the art work. Do yourself a favor men, get this book, read it and make your woman happy.

-   Drexel Clark - July 24, 2015

Have you ever found yourself looking for just the right words to say but didn't know how to vibe them together? Then you must get this book!  Exploding Grapes not only reads your mind it says what your heart has been struggling to say since forever!  THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!

 - Redbone - August 3, 2015

I am a romantic. So allow me to set the perfect scene for the perfect date:
Before you walk into the room beautiful music caresses your ears. And you hear him say "Baby, you are THE RHYTHM IN MY BLUES." Your toes curl and the butterflies in your stomach take flight. As he takes your hand he leads you to a comfortable seat, places a glass of a rich full-bodied, aromatic wine in your hand. A small explosion erupts as his finger lingers in your palm "From my VINEYARD" he explains. Then appears a beautiful tray cascading with orgasmic and FORBIDDEN FRUITS... 

Mr. Johnson has provided us with the Music, Wine and Fruit the rest is up to us!
Damon Johnson is a maestro. You MUST buy, read and share the passion he so masterfully orchestrates in his writings-get all three and set the mood for LOVE!

- CRJ  - Feb 2016

This is an Amazing Work of Life Imitating Art

This is an amazing work of life imitating art. The author is a master of words that causes the reader to travel to a literary heaven. This journey makes magical stops along unimaginable paths that only a creative mind such as his could put on paper. Romance, passion, the beauty of love making in its purest sense, revelation of self, happy moments, sad moments, accomplished and complete all wrapped up in "The Vineyard Exploding Grapes". Sweet to the Core. Love it!

-  Valorie Wright - July 22, 2015

$13.95 Plus Shipping

$13.95 Plus Shipping

$13.95 Plus Shipping

$13.95 Plus Shipping

The Vineyard - Exploding Grapes

Love is the Forbidden Fruit that is sweet and oftentimes the love that we shouldn't have but crave the most. The feeling can be fleeting,  but the memory can last a long time... Forbidden Fruit is the third poetic offering from Damon E. Johnson following his previously successful books Rhythm in My Blues and the Best Seller The Vineyard ~ Exploding Grapes.

Damon E. Johnson is a freelance writer and poet currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Defying all stereotypes, this ex-jock and gridiron hero from the inner city writes sensitively about love, life, and all of the passion in between. Damon is a graduate of Savannah State College and credits his love of words and writing to the first love of his life: his mother, Mary Jo Johnson.



  Damon E. Johnson