Throng is also moving and ends with the words: “Crowds make me invisible, in a way I don’t comprehend. Solitary people are like that. I am like that.”

But there are more gentle moments. Day for Dreams is an agreeably lyrical look at a lazy Sunday that will make you smile, and I am sure that the short poem The Tourist will too. And that’s not all – you will also find poems that will make you pause, reflect, and maybe look again, particularly Free Thought on Fire and Dawning. Myriad of Perceptions is a beautiful collection that you will want to return to time and again.

Brenda-Lee Ranta is an accomplished poet, her voice is lucid and mature, her style unblinking and direct, sometimes brutally so. She manages to avoid the sometimes oblique metaphors that fog, rather than enhance, meaning. If Myriad of Perceptions is a representative sample, I would encourage her to publish more of her obviously worthwhile work. I think Leonard Cohen (the poet she declares was her inspiration) would be proud and I look forward to seeing more of her work in print.

Reviewed by Charles Remington for Readers’ Favorite

A Soul Passenger- When Love Collides, by Brenda-Lee Ranta, is a story based on Brenda-Lee's own experiences. A Soul Passenger: When Love Collides starts off with the main character's struggles with her family and we get a glimpse into her home life as well as her marriage. We also learn about her parenting struggles as she copes with moving on from her marriage. In the midst of all this, she meets Drew and they start communicating. Once they eventually meet in person, sparks fly and there is a strong and instant personal connection. However, it is not all smooth sailing as they deal with ups and downs in their relationship, along with issues around addiction and dysfunctional family dynamics. This is ultimately a story of love and healing.

A Soul Passenger: When Love Collides by Brenda-Lee Ranta is an interesting read. Although it is a work of fiction, as per Brenda herself, it draws from her own personal experiences and the story is based loosely around her own life. I liked that this is not simply a story of two people meeting or even a love story, but goes deeper than that by delving into the main character's background and her previous relationship as well as family issues. This makes the book more real and relatable. There are also references to alternative healing methods explored in the book, which may be of interest to a reader. Overall, the flowing and casual writing style, along with the real issues like addictions that the story highlights, makes this a worthwhile read.

Reader's Favorite - Five Stars *****
Reviewed by: Gisela Dixon

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5 out of 5 Stars - This book speaks of love and power of thought

This book speaks of love and power of thought, in a way that enlightens a path to new awareness. A leaping heart full of miracles. As life is by chance and much, much more. The Author's voice is crisp, yet gentle, leading the reader through a timeless thing called perception. At first, I thought it was just about dreams but there was something more. Then I thought it was about, losing of one's life, but that was not the - end of all. As I close the book, I find the Author, here in my home, telling me to re-think all of it. See life in a new way. Get up and live but this time really live.

~ Cory, Amazon

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"Thoughts are illusive and transitory. I log them as a testament to my life."

 - Brenda-Lee Ranta

Brenda-Lee's Reviews

Brenda-Lee Ranta composed her first poem at the age of seven.  Throughout her life, she used prose as a means of logging her experiences in a life which has been under ‘constant construction.’
Amazing to her, is that at the age of 58, CTU Publishing Group published her first book, “Myriad of Perceptions,” to be followed by “Allegories – a thirst for connection.”  It was for her, a life changing experience, taking her from journal writing to giving her words a life beyond herself.  Her two books also were awarded five-star reviews from Readers Favorites.

 Since 2016, she has been a contributor to many Anthologies published by CTU Publishing.  In the summer of 2017, she was honored to be the Creative Director for the Anthology, “I Have a Name,” which is a compilation of poetry submissions from poets around the world, on the silent disorders, prevalent in present day society, a subject very dear to her. 

 In September of 2017, she was also included in an e-book, published by Pronoun, in conjunction with Ariel Chart, which featured her work as a fiction writer. 

A two and half year project, Brenda-Lee Ranta completed her first full novel, based on what she describes as her mystic life.   “A Soul Passenger – when love collides” is her newest release with CTU Publishing Group.  She shares a very deep and personal journey with her readers in this very emotionally charged book.

Brenda-Lee shares her journey with her soul mate, Hugh Dysart, also a published poet, lyricist and musician.  They are parents to their collective five children and grandchildren.  They live a life dedicated to each other, their kids, pets and their shared artforms. 


It is for them an incredible journey.

Astonishingly, Myriad of Perceptions is Brenda-Lee Ranta’s first published book. Surprising because the quality of the work would lead one to believe it is the product of a much more experienced poet. The book contains fifty-four poetic gems, each a little work of art in itself, covering the sort of themes that one would expect – love, loss, foreboding and trepidation, but also some more unusual subjects. The poem When Night is Night is an unflinching tirade against the night, the dark and the terrors that they bring – you would need a heart of stone not to be moved by it.

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Brenda-Lee Ranta

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