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Billy Charles root was born in San Bernardino California October 21st 1975. The first thing he ever wrote was when he was 17 in creative writing in his 10th grade English class, it was a description of playing Russian roulette brought on by  some rough teenage years. This writing led him to the counselor’s office where later he would be admitted to Ward B of the same hospital in which he was born. At the age of 19 he moved to Oklahoma to raise his then 2 year old son and marry his high school sweetheart. Together they had 6 sons. Both came to know the Lord and were baptized in 1998, but after much searching I'm looking to people instead of the Savior mixed with many mistakes, the two divorced in 2005, but the Lord wasn't done with him yet.


In 2007 he would become reacquainted with his Lord after the gift of an angel named Tina which he married that same year and now together they have nine children and three grandchildren. Writing poetry became a passion and a personal form of worship for Billy around the year 2009.


Reviews For Pressing On

Christian Poetry Speaking To Your Heart

If you are a Christian, if Jesus is your savior (John 3:16), buy this book! Whether you are a Catholic, a Protestant or a Baptist, this book is for you. Even if you are not into poetry, you will love Pressing On. Actually, if you love to read, consider buying this book! In the world, there exist too much trivial candy floss poetry and artificial gourmet- wannabe poetry, but Billy Charles Root’s poetry is NOT among those. His poems are speaking honestly and authentically from his heart to your heart. The poems in Pressing On are messages from God, and they reflect the holy Word. Pressing On consists of comforting and encouraging words, which bring life and love to you.

- Mariane, Amazon 2014


Pressing On Is Your Teacher

This book taught me to believe in God even more, I became closer to God because of this book. The poetry filled with lessons you can carry with you throughout your life. The Best book I've ever read.

- Tony Nacke, Amazon 2015


In 2014 Billy entered his now famous poem No Vacancy in a writing contest with Creative Talents Unleashed. To his surprise the Lord would bless him again with the crown of the competition and a five-year publishing contract. Through much struggle but even more perseverance, Billy, together with Creative Talents Unleashed released a book of some of his most cherished writings entitled "Pressing On". Billy still currently resides in Marshall Oklahoma and works as a mechanic for the United States Postal Service.

Billy Charles Root