Bevan Boggenpoel

Bevan Boggenpoel was born in Salt Lake in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He is the youngest of nine siblings. He moved to Arcadia when he was two years old and spent his childhood there, where he attended Soutpan Primary School and later matriculated at Westville Secondary School. He graduated at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University with a Bed (I.P.) Degree in Intermediate Phase Teaching in 2008. This university was a whites only university during the apartheid regime and people of colour could not attend it. During this tumultuous time in South Africa this institution was better known as UPE (University of Port Elizabeth). He is currently a teacher at Bethelsdorp Road Primary School.

His debut collection of poetry, “As Woorde Spreek” translated “If Words Speaks” was launched the 1st December 2016 and published by Milborrow Media. This poetry collection covers a range of themes such as community, love, nature, religion, politics which has inspired all of his writing.

He started writing during his university years which covers the period 2005 through 2008. During this time, he wrote a collection of love poems which he submitted to Selwyn Milborrow for evaluation and guidance. Selwyn then gave him a written report filled with advice and encouragement. He also noted that he had great potential and that he must read other artists work and continue writing. At that time not one of them knew that 10 years later Selwyn would be his publisher.

He is passionate about writing and hope to influence many lives through his word weaving. He strives to teach a lesson or tell a story in his poems that will inspire and motivate others and hopefully channel them onto a positive path. He is also passionate about children and very concerned with their daily challenges and struggles. He always strives to get them to write and hopefully unlock a few writers inside of them. He is always concerned about the wellbeing of society. He hopes that his writing will make a positive contribution towards humanity.

Recently, 2 Grade 7 learners of his was chosen in the top ten of a poetry competition at the local Library. He also had learners read poetry at his book launch. He is always looking to involve learners in every poetry venture he partakes in.

“My desire is to not become superior to anybody else. I only want to be superior to my former self.”

~   Bevan Boggenpoel

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