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True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, as those who move easiest have learned to dance. -Alexander Pope

Amanda's Reviews

I absolutely loved reading From Midnight to Moonlight. It was easy to read, relatable, heartfelt, empowering, real and written from the heart. Amanda Hoppes spills her heart's experiences in a way that makes you feel connected. I appreciate that about her writing. I love that you're not on the outside looking in but you're right there with her because it comes from a human point of view no fairytale here (not that fairytales aren't great) but they're not always relatable. I highly recommend this book. It'll make you feel empowered like a deep conversation with a great friend does. You'll love it. Trust me.

 - Mary Lopez


In my opinion, every poem on every page is written beautifully. I was able to relate emotionally to a number of the poems in this book. I absolutely loved it and think everyone who purchases a copy will as well!! The author set the bar extremely high with her first book, and I cannot wait for her next one!

 -  Bree


This is one poetry book worth the read! Every writing tells a story, and you understand and feel the emotion in each one. I found myself going back to re-read many of the poems, finding different meanings in each passage, and being able to connect them to my personal life. If you've ever wanted some good poetry to read, this is a great place to start. You won't be disappointed! Great job, Amanda! So proud of you!

- Emily H.


From Midnight to Moonlight is an amazing collection of poems depicting emotions ranging from darkness to light. It embodies a plethora of feelings that truly grasp the reader’s attention and deals with the reality of living life in a world filled with dark and light. I am most fond of Amanda's ability to deal with the depths of pain, yet soar to greater heights of positivity and perseverance. Congratulations Amanda Hoppes, job well done!!

 - Kion



Amanda Hoppes

Amanda Hoppes grew up in the Midwest state of Iowa. Being born and raised in this state has made her a very passionate Iowa Hawkeye fan. Just ask her family and friends, they just love watching football games with her.

Amanda has a long history of writing. Here is her story on how she began and continues with it:

My story isn't the most fascinating, but at least it can give you an idea about how I became so obsessed with writing (maybe obsessed is a little over the top, but it works).  The first time I ever wrote anything besides something to do with homework was a poem in second grade about a hot air balloon ride. If I could find it, I would definitely share it with everyone! It would be great to look at where I began and compare to where I am now.

After second grade, I laid a little low and did not pick up the pencil to actively write until I was in junior high and I found out my Mom had breast cancer. That is when the poems and short stories started flowing. I wrote about everything from love, hate, anger, happiness, friendships; you name it, I tried it. Then in high school I wrote some poems for class assignments, which the teachers did not really like because they were not about butterflies and puppy dogs. The year I graduated I actually got a poem published. It was a satisfying moment in my life.

As I got older, I stopped writing as much. After my mother passed away when I was 18, my attitude was to just live life and have no worries. This attitude changed though a few years ago. I finally found out who I am and how much I missed writing! Not only is it fun for me; it is very therapeutic. Also, my mother wanted to publish children's books, but never got that chance. I decided that I want to publish a book for her, whether it be children's books, poetry book or an adult fiction book. She was the reason I wrote all the time- she encouraged me to keep at it, because she saw something amazing in me.

I'm pretty sure she would be proud of me for getting this far.

Amanda is currently working on her second book of poetry and a fiction novel that she hopes to finish up sooner than later.