I choose Creative Talents Unleashed as my publisher, and could not be happier with the decision. Raja talked me through some great concepts and I trusted her expertise.

~ Author Lindsey F. Rhodes "CrossRhodes"

Creative Talents Unleashed has helped me to push my abilities to their limits! So if you are a writer, if writing is what you love, Creative Talents Unleashed will inspire you.

~ Demitri Tyler, Author

Measuring For Balance

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Creative Talents Unleashed has a wonderful group of people, who have welcomed me into their poetic family. ♥

– Author Debra McLain, To Conquer Or Die Trying

It was a great honor to be selected for inclusion in the "Love, A Four Letter Word" anthology alongside some extremely talents poets and writers, all whom have contributed excellent work in a variety of creative voices. Thank you to Raja as well for all the work she's put into this project and seeing it come to fruition.

~ Steven Fortune, Editor-In-Chief of Literary Arts Journal

I’m so grateful I’ve found Creative Talents Unleashed and it’s a privelege to be a part of this network. Creative Talents Unleashed is a great source for writers to get inspiration, fuel to creativity, encouragement and wonderful writing tips.

– Mariane Kvist Doktor, Writer

Thank you so much & what a pleasure to work with such a serious publisher who has kept us informed from the very first day & made this journey a joy.

~ Sue Lobo, Author of The Last Dance, Wild Whisperings

Creative Talents Unleashed is a special place that is full of many talented and gifted writers from all over the world. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate with all of the wonderful contributing writers for CTU’s book, Unleashed…in which all of the proceeds of the book go to the Starving Artist Fund. This fund recently helped publish six authors and there’s more to come. Great job Raja, thanks for your heart and desire to help upcoming authors…I could only select five stars but you deserve a ten! Sending love and light, Stacey

– Author Stacey ‘Eloquently Speaking’ Lunsford 

Creative Talents Unleashed is the perfect site for writers to hone their skills. They are constantly posting tips, photos and inspiration calls to keep writers motivated to write. It has helped my writing tremendously!

– Author Donna J. Sanders, Ataraxia

There is nothing more life changing than when souls meet to bare themselves. What better place to reveal yourself. This is a phenomenal platform to help uncover the creative talents among us…

Author Damon Johnson, The Vineyard “Exploding Grapes”

Letter of Intent

We, Creative Talents Unleashed understand the desire to have your voice heard, what it’s like to have a dream, what it takes to see it to fruition. Our dream was to create a platform for writers and poets to express themselves, to share their innermost gifts with the community; their fellow writers and literary world at large.

We have attempted this goal by way of providing publishing opportunities, such as the anthologies you see here and publishing contests sponsored by the Starving Artist Fund. Our vision, to build a sanctuary for inspired minds from all walks of life, a place free of many of the prejudices and restraints that hinder the creative spirit begun with our first anthology Love, A Four Letter Word.

Our goal was not to start a business, but to create a family, a movement of powerful voices of like minds, pushing together to bring forth a future we envision. One where our voices are counted and heard.  For us there is no greater reward then assisting someone in reaching their publishing goal. It’s not easy, we’ve been there, and this is how we choose to contribute; to give back to society.

As we all know, in order for a dream to become reality a set of actions on the part of the visionary/writer/poet must take place. What are you willing to do to achieve your dream, to see a vision become reality? What sacrifices are you ready to make? Creative Talents Unleashed puts in countless hours and resources (financial and otherwise) daily to keep our vision of establishing a platform for your voice to be heard.

We are counting on you to do your part by supporting the dream we all share, purchasing the very anthologies you request to be a part of is one way. Forging a bond of solidarity with your fellow writers and poets and those that give birth to platforms’ that promote writing is another.   In a time where it has become increasingly difficult to publish promote and tell our stories, it is a must that we support each other.

We strive to be a publishing family that supports the family members within. You can count on this family to be your cheer leader, purchase your books when feasible, and help promote your work and all forms of creative endeavors.


Thank you for your participation and understanding,

Demitri Tyler - Author, Creative Media Director

 Raja Williams - Author, C.E.O. Creative Talents Unleashed