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Ana M. Torres also known as A.M. Torres has published a series of books, and one poetry book titled Shadowed Tears. She published her first book Love Child in 2011, and has been writing ever since. Born in New York City, Ana grew up in Brooklyn, the third youngest of seven siblings. As long as she could remember Ana has been writing. Her essay on Winter was chosen as one of the fourth best in her class when she was in the Fifth grade. She wrote a Spanish poem when she was about nine or ten, but in the ensuing years she struggled to find the discipline she needed to finish her novel, and even her poetry. Now she has participated in a few anthologies, and also completed twelve hours of poetry in the Poetry marathon so she completed the half marathon.


Ana is the mother of two boys Jason, 19, and Kristofer, 6. Kristofer is a special needs child, but that has only been one of many difficulties that Ana has experienced for the past couple of years. Aside from that Ana has also experienced difficulties with depression, an unfortunate arrest, a hospitalization for major depression, her father's battle with Alzheimer's and his eventual passing, not to mention the sudden passing of her therapist Michael Rein who she dedicated Turmoil too. Ana covers some of these themes in her new book Turmoil. Writing has been Ana's way to release angst, but she loves creating stories, and putting words together. Turmoil is her first book with Creative Talent Unleashed. She is excited about future publications with them, and of her writing future in general.