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     A Writers View

Pen met paper one day,
Decided to come together and create,
Elegant words filled paper's spaces,
No longer did she feel void and lost,
Pen had accomplished its sole purpose,
To be the vessel carrying the message,
As the hand holding it released,
Emotions poured out,
Spilling like ink onto the floor.

 © Elizabeth Daniel

Elizabeth Daniel

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Her story is a whole lot of drama mixed with some sadness, action, and sprinkled with hope. Doctors gave her mother little chance of her survival, after a very difficult birth. Her mom was given five minutes to name her, choosing Elizabeth Diane from a baby bag by nurses. Then off to surgery Elizabeth went. Several more surgeries would follow, including one at age 11. Doctors had said she would be in a vegetative state at that point in her life, however thanks to God, she could walk, talk, and had an extensive love for words. Her love for poetry started around 8 or 9, after writing little rhymes for birthday cards, or school assignments. Realizing she had a talent, she began writing and saving her poems in binders. These binders are some of the most valuable possessions she owns today. Poetry allowed her to express herself during times of dealing with a broken home as a child. Poetry carried her through the tough adolescent years of heartache. And has been a way for her to handle uncertainty, fear, etc. in her world. She has always had the ability to write freestyle, on the spot no matter where she is. Once grabbing a restaurant napkin and penning a poem after hearing a song on the radio.


Through social media Elizabeth has reached more people than she could ever have imagined, raised in rural Windsor, Kentucky.  From the far corners of the world some have become her closest friends. All connected by a common thread…poetry.  Her love for writing took on a new life through her Facebook page Write It Out, where she posts new poetry quite often. She also utilizes Instagram to post poems with photography. Her favorite subject being her mini me, 7 year old nephew Ethan. Her dream to become an author is finally coming true thanks to Creative Talents Unleashed, whom she would never have known about had it not been for an encounter on Facebook one day.  She is a firm believer that when things are meant to be, blessings happen. Elizabeth looks forward to seeing where poetry takes her to next in her journey. Her story has had its ups and downs, but she's not finished yet.