“I’m a simple man living a simple life.” –– Dah  

From 1960 to 2000, Dah’s focus was on music and photography, though writing began in the 1960’s as school assignments, continuing throughout the past five decades. Despite this writing history, Dah didn’t considered himself a writer until 2008 after creating a WEB profile on MySpace. Up until this time a few friends had read his work, but it was on MySpace that for the first time strangers were admiring Dah’s poetry.

A few months later Dah joined Original Poetry.com. It was there his focus on poetry began when detailed critiquing was given to his work. One of the members addressed each poem Dah posted with an academic diction that he had not experienced. Later she introduced herself as Eve Costello, a small press publisher interested in his poetry for her press, Stillpoint Books. Stillpoint is the publisher of Dah’s first three collections: In Forbidden Language, The Second Coming, and If You Have One Moment.  

In 2014, Dah completed his fourth manuscript, The Translator, but Eve was steeped in projects and booked a year out. A year earlier Dah started a critique group The Lounge, composed of a dozen poets, and it was there the poems from The Translator were given a steadfast critique. Dah sent The Translator to eighteen publishers with calls for submissions, and publisher Dustin Pickering from Transcendent Zero Press contacted him saying, I’d like to publish your work. Dustin is also the publisher of Harbinger Asylum Magazine, which nominated Dah’s poem “Some god” for the Pushcart Prize.

In 2015, Eat Sleep Write.com contacted Dah for an interview. He agreed and the interview,
was published on the ESW WEB Site a few months before the release of The Translator.

In October 2017, Dah’s fifth book Say This In A Whisper was published as an ebook by Red Wolf Editions, and his seventh book, Something Else’s Thoughts, is due for publication in July 2018 from Transcendent Zero Press, with his eighth book Full Life In The Day Of A Poet, Selected Poems due for publication in late 2018 from Stillpoint Books.

Since 2013, two hundred of Dah’s poems have been published by magazine editors from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, China, Singapore, Spain, Australia, Africa, Poland, Philippines, and India, with his work also appearing in a dozen American university literary journals.

Besides being a prolific writer, Dah has been a yoga practitioner since 1969, and is a certified teacher in two yogic disciplines, Shivananda and Yoga Of The Heart, and from these two schools he developed his own style, Chakra Four Yoga, which he’s been teaching to children in public and private schools since 2005. Dah stopped teaching adults in 2013, only to focus on the magical realm of teaching kids to meditate, to stretch, and to stay in harmony with the natural world.

When Dah is not writing or teaching he stays close to nature and has a great passion for coastal camping along the Pacific shores and backcountry camping along lakes and rivers,
as well as cycling, canoeing, and daily long walks in the redwood hills of Berkeley, California where he lives. He also spends many hours in his self-designed and self-built garden meditating or floating into a trance state of deep relaxation, dreams, and visions.