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- This book speaks of love and power of thought

This book speaks of love and power of thought, in a way that enlightens a path to new awareness. A leaping heart full of miracles. As life is by chance and much, much more. The Author's voice is crisp, yet gentle, leading the reader through a timeless thing called perception. At first, I thought it was just about dreams but there was something more. Then I thought it was about, losing of one's life, but that was not the - end of all. As I close the book, I find the Author, here in my home, telling me to re-think all of it. See life in a new way. Get up and live but this time really live.

~ Cory, Amazon

Brenda-Lee Ranta has been writing for most of her life, as a means of journaling primarily.  Through difficult periods of her life, words were a means of expressing her sadness, in joyful times, it was her way of expressing gratitude. 

 A year ago, she was published in an Anthology, whereby four of her pieces were published.  She continued to write almost daily, as she always does.  She often refers to herself as the human sponge; her heart, the bus station.  She senses and feels the emotions of others, despite what their faces depict.  It has provided her with endless inspiration when writing pieces on the plight of what is the 'human experience.'

Words will literally wake her in the night; she find herself running to her computer at 2:00 a.m., to get down, what she refers to as 'Shakespearian' gifts. 

 She shares her journey with her life partner, who is a musician lyricist.  They have been co-writing songs together in the past year. She is a mother and grandmother.  She has been with her local police service for 19 years in various capacities.  Her greatest longing is to dedicate her time to writing on a full time basis in retirement.

She was recently a contributor to the Creative Talents Unleashed Anthology, “Imperfect Paths,” and is so honoured and thrilled to share a full book of her works, “Myriad of Perceptions;” which is a collection of observations and personal perceptions from life experiences.  She is looking forward to creating many more such literary works in the future.

Astonishingly, Myriad of Perceptions is Brenda-Lee Ranta’s first published book. Surprising because the quality of the work would lead one to believe it is the product of a much more experienced poet. The book contains fifty-four poetic gems, each a little work of art in itself, covering the sort of themes that one would expect – love, loss, foreboding and trepidation, but also some more unusual subjects. The poem When Night is Night is an unflinching tirade against the night, the dark and the terrors that they bring – you would need a heart of stone not to be moved by it.

Brenda-Lee Ranta

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Throng is also moving and ends with the words: “Crowds make me invisible, in a way I don’t comprehend. Solitary people are like that. I am like that.”

But there are more gentle moments. Day for Dreams is an agreeably lyrical look at a lazy Sunday that will make you smile, and I am sure that the short poem The Tourist will too. And that’s not all – you will also find poems that will make you pause, reflect, and maybe look again, particularly Free Thought on Fire and Dawning. Myriad of Perceptions is a beautiful collection that you will want to return to time and again.

Brenda-Lee Ranta is an accomplished poet, her voice is lucid and mature, her style unblinking and direct, sometimes brutally so. She manages to avoid the sometimes oblique metaphors that fog, rather than enhance, meaning. If Myriad of Perceptions is a representative sample, I would encourage her to publish more of her obviously worthwhile work. I think Leonard Cohen (the poet she declares was her inspiration) would be proud and I look forward to seeing more of her work in print.

Reviewed by Charles Remington for Readers’ Favorite

'A thought will remain a thought
until it is penned,
to be birthed as substance'

 - Brenda-Lee Ranta

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