Angela Bertoli is a mother and grandmother residing in Phoenix, AZ.  After the death of her husband, 3 years ago, she started pouring her grief out on to paper in the form of poems and prose.  Her love for writing began as a child with a passion for reading beautiful words.  Being able to put in to words what others are going through helps her readers know they are not alone during their dark times.  Sharing stories and emotions has not only assisted her in coping with rough patches on her path, but have opened dialogues for many others about what they’ve been bottling up inside. She writes of love, joy, hope and loss.  Her calling in life has been discovered and she has found peace through ink.

The transition from wife to widow, mother to grandmother, and accountant to author, has been immense.  She is blissfully happy in her new roles and writes daily. This is her first book, but she promises there are many more to come.

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Angela Bertoli

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Come on in and have a peek,
I’ve written this book for you.
Into your heart I’m going to sneak,
With poems of life and truth.

 Maybe you’ll laugh, some will cry,
But I’ll guarantee you this,
I can make you wonder why,
You’ve been living without bliss.

© Angela M. Bertoli

Photo Credit: Jason Karcher